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Problem Solving Space

Improve Quality & Performance

Problem solving made easy. 

Do you have repeated problems in processes, quality, unproductive time, scrap,  poor performance, diminishing sales, poor customer satisfaction, etc?  Unable to get to the true root cause of the issues?  If this sounds familiar,  then let RETECCS help train your people in problem solving techniques to ensure problems are eradicated at source in future.

Create solution providers!

Rooms or areas can be set up with lean and continuous improvement tools,  to allow people to collaborate together, walk through the problem, when did it happen?, who noticed the problem? , has issue been seen before? how frequently?, is anything else potentially impacted?,  is issue contained within manufacturing?, has it potentially reached customers?, is it an

HSSE issue? etc  

Fundamentally, you need to get to the  real root cause, otherwise the issue will  just re-occur.  You then need to ensure containment and corrective actions are in place,  that will be sustainable.

RETECCS can set up rooms to meet your individual requirements and train and support staff to use problem solving tools and techniques.

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