Respect, Engagement, Trust, Empowerment, Collboration , Communication, Sharing - 7 Basic Principles for Success

RETECCS was established with a single mission: to be the most original, creative and unique Business Transformation Service  in UK, by adopting Lean & Collaborative Methodologies.

Trained in Six Sigma, Kaizen, Top Set(Problem Solving), Gemba Kanri, and Lean Maturity Assessments,  with over 20 years Lean Manufacturing experience. 

Additionally,  headed up Lean Manufacturing rollout across production workshops, resulting in successful business transformation. Recommendations on LinkedIn.

A published Author (How Do You Change A Culture?), with over 36 years of experience and a sound end to end business knowledge,  I know that whether your business is made up from Supply Chain, Engineering, Finance, Manufacturing, Quality, Stores, Service,  Sales, Customer Management,  I can relate to all areas of business.   Helping you to  streamline your processes, build teams and coach Management at all levels on how to get the best from their teams and ensure a positive return on business bottom line.

My aim is to ensure business large or small find success through use of lean and collaborative tools and methods.  It is all about making the tools fit your needs.

RETECCS is a highly unique and personalised service that works with you to develop people to maximum potential,  improve efficiencies, company growth and operational excellence

In order to stay competitive and survive these difficult times, Businesses now need to evolve quickly to meet and deliver on changing market demands.

Rather than spend thousands of pounds when the market is very slow and changeable, consider using the skill set of the people you employ and turning that into a priceless commodity that benefits the business, people and you.

People normally have untapped skill sets that given the right environment can be nurtured and grown.

I can help you untap peoples potential and develop teams and leaders. Call RETECCS now and arrange  a  free 3hr consultation. 

After your 3hr consultation, a report can be sent out to you, detailing opportunities for your business using lean and collaboratve methodologies.  The focus will be on where you can achieve results quickly with a progressive plan detailing further opportunities to develop and drive costs down as well as increasing  profits and market share.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Nancy McAllister

Let RETECCS be your partner of choice!



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